This past Friday I was going over my grades from three colleges I previously attended. To say it was rough would be an understatement. W’s, F’s, and NC’s littered my transcripts like spots on a leopard. All that wasted money. All those times I gave up. It’s hard to face the cold, hard facts.


  • Administration of Justice – Narcotics, Drug Abuse
  • English 1A, thrice
  • Digital Media – Webpage Authoring
  • Social Science – Vietnamese American Culture
  • Business Law
  • Financial Accounting, twice
  • American Sign Language 2B, twice
  • American Sign Language 2B, Lab, twice
  • Foundations of Business
  • Computer Science – Computers in Business
  • Physical Education – Weight Training
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Physical Education – Kick Boxing

Despite what history has proven, I’m determined to do right by myself and retake all these classes and strive for excellent grades. They say that college isn’t for everyone. I want to prove to everyone — especially myself — that college is for me.

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