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Hi there,

My name is Jessé-James.  I’m a thirty-two year old American. Originally, I’m from Harrisburg-Manchester, in the southeastern part of Houston, Texas, but raised and currently residing in Silicon Valley, San José, California.

For several years after high school I never committed to college.  I guess I was waiting for an amazing opportunity to fall into my lap.  However, as I approached my twenty-sixth birthday, and as my younger brother completed his final year at San Jose State University — and graduated! —  I certainly felt the heaviness of reality’s overbearing presence.  I decided to quit fucking around and get serious about school, in hopes of discovering where my passion lies.

I’m certainly talented in many aspects.  I’m quite creative.  I know a bit of this and a bit of that.  But knowing how to order in an Italian restaurant or fold paper into origami or random strands of HTML can’t possibly get me an adequate profession.  I already know I’m smart.  It’s time for me to start focusing my smarts towards a positive goal.

I’m currently working at All Bay Powder Coatings as a Marketing Strategy Analyst.

My role in this company grew out from an internship.  Now, I work in a significant aspect of the business where my talents are fresh assets.  It’s a very equal give-and-take and not many other fellows can say that about their roles within a company.

I’m also currently working at Whole Foods Market as a Payroll Processing Specialist for the Northern California and Reno Region.

I rose up the ranks in this company quite quickly.  Like at ABPC, my role developed rapidly from a part time Produce Service Team Member working on the sales floor to a Store Graphic Artist/Signmaker to a Payroll & Benefits Processor to my current position.

I have an interest in film, film-making, art, photography, web design, politics, history, language, books, diy tech stuff, gardening, vegetarianism, gluten-free recipes, juice recipes, cooking, fitness, learning to swim, learning to surf, learning how to build a fancy looking computer, & tons of other goals. I may get stuck every know and then. I will fail at some things. But I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing.

Wish me luck!